Hive born assassin looking for answers.


Basic Information:

Home world: Hive Tarsus
Career Path: Assassin
Rank: Death Adept
Divination: 38- “Only in death does duty end.” – One extra wound at start.
Quirk: Many tatoos
Gender: Male
Build: Gaunt
Height: 1.83m/183cm
Weight: 68kg
Skin Color: Pale white
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Gray
Age: 30
Total XP Spent: 7800

  • Can speak “common” and the hive language natively
  • +1 to initiative for being hive-born
  • Negatives to checks in feral environments
    Wounds: 17
    Fate Points: 1
    Prayer Chips: 2 regular, one for just movement (from blessed leg)


Weapon Skill: 53
Ballistic Skill: 47
Strength: 32
Toughness: 31
Agility: 41
Intelligence: 27
Perception: 29
Willpower: 31
Fellowship: 31


Walk 1/2 Action: 4
Walk Full Action: 8
Charge: 12
Run: 24

Basic Skills:

Awareness: +10
Concealment: +10
Disguise: Trained
Dodge: +20
Inquiry: +10
Intimidate: +10
Scrutiny: Trained
Search: +10
Silent Move: +20

Advanced Skills

Speak Language (Low Gothic): Trained
Acrobatics: +10
Chem Use: +10
Common Lore (Underworld): +20
Security: +20
Shadowing: +10
Tracking: +20

Talents and Traits

Melee Weapon Training: Primitive, Power, Chain
Pistol Weapon Training: SP, Las, Bolt
Basic Weapon Training: SP, Las
Heightened Senses: Hearing, Sight
Rapid Reload
Mighty Shot
Swift Attack
Lightning Attack
Quick Draw
Deadeye Shot
Crack Shot
Dual Shot
Dual Strike
Two-Weapon Weilder: BS, WS
Step Aside
Sound Constitution X 4
Sure Strike


Head: 4 Carapace
Right Arm: 5 Carapace
Left Arm: 5 Carapace
Body: 4 Flak
Right Leg: 5 Carapace
Left Leg: 5 Carapace (bionic leg)

Melee Weapons

Power Sword: Damage 1d10+8, Type R E, Pen 6

Chain Sword: Damage 1d10+5, Type R, Pen 2

Missile Weapons

Silenced Auto Pistol: Damage 1D10+4, Type I, Pen 0, Range 30m, RoF S/-/6, Clip 18, Reload full

Silenced Autogun: Damage 1d10+5, Type I, Pen 3, Range 90m, RoF S/3/10, Clip 27, Reload full, manstopper bullets add +3 pen

Bolt Pistol x2: Damage 1d10+7, Type X, Pen 4, Range 30m, RoF S/2/-, Clip 7, Reload full, Infernal shells, on hit must make AG check or on fire

Long Las Rifle: Damage 1D10+5, Type E, Pen 1, Range 150, RoF S/-/-, Clip 40, Reload full, w/red dot +10 to aim, +20 for accurate weapon


Filtration Plugs
Photo Visor/Contacts
Clips/Drop Harness
Rebreather Refill
Grappling Gun
Best Quality Security Kit
Frag Grenade x5
Fire Grenade x5
Crack Grenade x4
Photon Grenade x5
Blinding Grenade x5
Hallucinogen Grenade x2

Throne Gelt: 0


To make a long story short:

Valthrain’s family was killed when he was only a small child in a mysterious massacre. He was told later that it was caused by the Xeno, hence his strong hatred toward them. He was raised by a rich merchant Galin on the hive planet Tarsus. He helped the merchant obtain goods and make sure deals went through.

And now as to how Valthrain ends up as a worker in a factory on a Lathe planet:

Valthrain wakes up from his usual light sleep with Galin standing right over his bed. He was always befuddled by the fact that Galin was the one man he could never hear coming. Galin said, “You need to wake up now. I have an assignment for you. Someone has stolen my goods and I need you to intercept them before they get the goods off of this planet. As usual, you are not to concern yourself with what exactly these goods are. This is very important in this case. For your own safety. Can I trust you?” Valthrain of course agreed and prepared to depart for the designated loading point of the goods. A ship was to dock and quickly take the goods off of Tarsus. When Valthrain arrived, he saw many more men protecting the goods than he was told, and much more goods than he could possibly take back to Galin himself. He also noticed the men protecting them were professionals, and they would quickly pick up on any ruse he attempted on them. He killed two men with some difficulty in keeping it silent, but before he knew it he was trapped. Their patrol pattern was something erratic that he hadn’t seen before. If he didn’t board the vessel they were loading the goods onto he would be discovered immediately. Without any other options, Valthrain hid in the hold of the ship, hoping some brilliant plan might come to him in transit. He quickly discovered that there was no way to exit the hold of the ship from within, and he would have to wait there until the journey was completed and someone let him out. He had never experienced failure to this degree before. Once they arrived (on Lathe), they began to unload the boxes, and Valthrain attempted to stay hidden as long as possible. Some of the men began to open the boxes, and what Valthrain saw inside of them he recognized immediately. It was Xeno technology. All at once he was beset by confusion and betrayal. Why would Galin say this Xeno tech belonged to him?! Why would he want it so badly? Xenos are the one thing that Valthrain was brought up to hate, he was taught that they are what killed his whole family, and now his master wanted their technology? He hoped there was some explanation for it, but the first seeds of doubt in his trust for Galin were beginning to blossom. He didn’t have much time to think about it through. In his moment of grand confusion he was hit by some kind of dart and knocked out. When he awoke, he found himself in simple clothes, without his weapons, and he was being pushed along to work in a factory along with many other workers constructing something with the Xeno technology. He eventually found that he was on Lathe, somehow he hoped to escape, and somehow obtain answers as to his master’s possible link to Xeno technology.


Corrupt at the Core Micah Valthrain