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  • Diyako

    Diyako is a fairly worthless feudal world. It was settled several centuries ago, but the imported technology failed soon after colonisation. Since then, the people have reverted to a feudalistic society. Of all the feudal lords, [[:grekan | Grekan]] is …

  • Tranch

    A hive world in the Adrantis nebula. Home to a long standing civil war between the twin hives of Bree and Presta. Presta = Red/Green Bree = Black/Gold

  • Loss

    Loss is a planet at the edge of the Calixis sector. It it known mainly for one thing: Imperial *technology quickly breaks down and ceases to function*. Therefore, Loss is an undeveloped feudal world. * All weapons lose the reliable quality * Weapons …

  • Ondar Keep

    Built into the side of a mountain on [[Loss | Loss]], Ondar Keep is where [[:kalris-the-grim | Kalris the Grim]] rules from. At the base of the mountain is Karask, a large town.