Five years ago, the Calixis Sector was shaken when Filus Argent and his band of acolytes tore a rift in the warp. Following a nuclear detonation on the planet’s surface, a black gateway appeared in the skies over Sepherus Secundus. Pict recorders on many of the ships orbiting the planet recorded Filus’s shuttle disappearing through the rift even as swarms of demons were flying out. Likewise, hundreds of cogitators were instantly corrupted as Filus broadcast his heretical findings out for the galaxy to hear. After a few hours, the gateway collapsed. Of the ships remaining in orbit, some say they witnessed a shuttle crossing back out just as the portal closed.

What happened on the other side of the gateway is still unknown, but the ramifications to the Calixis Sector are still being felt. Filus’s findings have made their way into the hands of a select few Inquisitors, and not all of them are content to destroy his heresy. The Tyrant Star cannot be ignored, they say. It must be dealt with, by any means necessary.

Witnessing the descent into heresy, one Inquisitor decides to take action. She gathers to herself a band of loyal acolytes and prepares for war. But rather than going to war on the Imperium’s visible enemies, she aims her fury at the growing corruption in the Inquisition itself. For while the Xeno and the Demon gather at the threshold, the Imperium of Man cannot stand if it is corrupt at the core.

Corrupt at the Core

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