Acolytes Unleashed Resources

Allies – Inquisition

  • Elana Oden – A newly minted Inquisitor, raised by Lady Grey herself. Ex-arbites.
  • Ramona Sharp – Inquisitor on list of allies. Militant leader, not afraid to don power armor and take the fight to the Xeno. – Located on Malfi
  • Javier Soto – Inquisitor on list of allies of Lady Grey. Scholarly inquisitor of Ordo Malleus. Located on Prol IX.

Allies – Other

  • Maija – Rogue trader, is somehow beholden to the acolytes by Lady Grey
  • Captain Jekus – Imperial Navy captain, installed (by force) by the acolytes


  • Vaya Ravia – Radical inquisitor, has been mentioned several times by opposing forces
  • Verdell Lanham – High Inquisitor, responsible for Lady Grey’s excommunication
  • Nikolai Crane – Radical inquisitor, not much known about him, other than his radical leanings.

Blessed Bolts


  • Power armor
  • Arsenal of weapons
  • Inquisitor’s rosette,


  • 10k in raw thrones
  • 200k in frozen accounts

Acolytes Unleashed Resources

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