House Rules

Auto vs Semi-Auto

  • Full Auto: +20 BS and +1 hit / 2 degrees
  • Semi Auto: +0 BS and +1 hit/degree

Psyker Powers

  • Using Rogue Trader Rules
  • Unfettered = psy rating / 2 (round up)
  • Seal Wounds
    • 1d10 + WP bonus
    • Can only be used once per day per person (in addition to minor healing)
      • Can be retried once in order to get a better result
    • Only used on one person at a time
    • Overbleed – 10 – add an additional WP bonus of healing


  • As per errata, can only be used for “physical actions”, not forcing someone to tell the truth or use a psyker power
  • Can be used to essentially turn the target into a puppet to say things, but you have to supply the words.
    • Mind scan can be used to tear the words out of them…
    • Unsure: Use the target’s skill (charm, deceive, etc.) or the psykers? I can see it either way…
    • Persons interacted with (spoken to) get a +10 to scrutiny to notice something amiss, possibly negated if mind scan or other tactics are used to know exactly how to behave.
  • WP test at +20 vs suicidal acts, check before action, free action
  • WP test at +0 vs violence against allies, check before action, free action
  • Any perils of the warp during dominate or mind scan require a WP at -20 or immediately take 1d5 corruption and the target has WP at -20 or take 1d5 insanity. This will cause most targets to pretty much lose their shit.
    • Note: This is in lieu of the “take 1 corruption” that Perils is supposed to cause by default.

Psyker Telepathy

  • Similar to resist possession, allows a psyker to insulate himself from telepathy attempts.
  • If the power is functioning, the psyker gets a +30 to WP tests to resist any telepathic connection.

Psychic Shriek


House Rules

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